When the Smoke Clears


Angie greets the day early; nervous butterflies tickle her very being. She loves to challenge her prejudices. The possibility of opening her mind energises her as she wraps the oversized dressing gown around her taught waist and whispers in her child’s ear, “It’s time to get up darling. We have a special day. Please wear something culturally appropriate.”  Continue reading When the Smoke Clears

Undercover Plastic Detective

Undercover Plastic Detective

I love the ocean. This love is expressed through my underwater photography and amateur freediving (holding my breath while swimming underwater). Back on dry land I am also a busy mother and ‘everyday consumer’.  Each time I filled my supermarket trolley with the weekly groceries for my family, a few questions haunted me. Continue reading Undercover Plastic Detective

Blood in the Water

Photograph of me with my two new friends. I can be seen in the left of the image.
Photograph taken by my partner of me (far left) with my two new friends.

Social Media: Does it bring us together, drive us apart or leave us more isolated?

I almost died this week. No, I’m not exaggerating and I’m still checking myself hourly to make sure I can see, think and speak clearly. Continue reading Blood in the Water