portrait-bwAnita Horan is a natural born storyteller. Growing up in the Lake Macquarie District, she inherited her father’s ability to captivate an audience by painting vivid word pictures. After realizing her skills were being squandered in a 9 to 5 grind job, she followed her dream and became a professional portrait photographer.

In recent years, Anita has been writing human interest stories for her local community paper. Her tales were complimented by her bright and captivating photographs. It was during this time that Anita’s love of the ocean inspired her to travel to the Island Kingdom of Tonga and freedive with the majestic humpback whales.

Anita’s time with the whales and the humble hospitality of the Tongan people was a transformative experience. From that point on, she decided that she will use her skill with images and words to capture unique people and places, in Australia and abroad. Her stories are now being published on larger media sites and she has been contracted by Leichhardt Council to interview and write stories about Indigenous Australians.

Anita Horan now lives in the small town of Glenorie, New South Wales. Her camera battery is always charged and a fresh notepad and sharp pencil are always at her side as she looks for new opportunities to travel, photograph and tell a good story.

Her email address is writer(at)anitahoran(dot)com