When the Smoke Clears


Angie greets the day early; nervous butterflies tickle her very being. She loves to challenge her prejudices. The possibility of opening her mind energises her as she wraps the oversized dressing gown around her taught waist and whispers in her child’s ear, “It’s time to get up darling. We have a special day. Please wear something culturally appropriate.”  Continue reading When the Smoke Clears

My World Ended in a River: Is This Me? (Prologue)


I open the door and run. The suburb is unfamiliar; I don’t know where to go. My mind is a blur as hot misery whips into my eyes, like sleet in a storm. My bare foot lands on a concrete footpath, a tear splats beside it; which way? Continue reading My World Ended in a River: Is This Me? (Prologue)