Anita Horan was born to an Italian father and red-haired, Australian mother. She was raised with her four siblings by Lake Macquarie on the picturesque east coast of Australia. At the age of seventeen, she moved to Tasmania to become a missionary, and a few years later, relocated to Sydney. While in Sydney, Anita lost her faith, her health deteriorated and she suffered a mental breakdown. After her recovery, she wanted to share her story, so that others don’t feel they must suffer in silence. Writing her story became a much bigger project than she anticipated. To keep herself motivated, Anita released part one of her personal story, Is This Me?

While working on the harrowing follow up to her first book, Anita performed a little experiment that catapulted her into the role of an accidental activist. Her #PlasticFreeProduce campaign has gained traction on social media to the point where she is now invited by schools and environmental groups to publicly speak about our collective addiction to excessive plastic packaging on food.

What drives Anita is a strong interest in religion, the ocean, photography, psychology and sociology. She likes to write about interesting people and examine unspoken social taboos, weaving both together with humour. The follow-up to her debut memoir, Is This Me? is in the works.

Psst! The story behind Anita’s tattoo can be found here.

The best way to contact Anita is on Instagram or her email address: anita(dot)whale(dot)girl(at)gmail(dot)com