When I noticed my recycling bin was always full of empty plastic containers, I asked myself What happens to all this plastic? What I found out horrified me, so I created the #PlasticFreeProduce campaign. This is a proactive program to discuss, expose and address the issue of unnecessary plastic packaging. To see this campaign in action, take a look at my very active Facebook and Instagram accounts, or search the #PlasticFreeProduce hashtag on either platform.

I only work two days a week in my paid job so that I can donate the rest of my time to my #PlasticFreeProduce campaign work. My low income is insufficient to cover my web-hosting, t-shirt printing, travel, and the many additional costs involved in my anti-plastic work. I currently need a new phone, new t-shirts, and new campaign cards printed.

If you like what I do, please consider making a donation below. Even the smallest donation will be helpful and appreciated.