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Is This Me?

Anita opens the door and flees, screaming as she runs toward the river, a man chasing in hot pursuit. This opening scene is a surprise considering Anita is the quintessential ‘good girl’ who was raised as a fundamentalist Christian.

Her story is one of searching — for love, for friendship, for approval and for understanding. She moves to a remote community in Tasmania to become a missionary where the isolation is immense, weather freezing, the guns surprising and the priest… farting.

You’ll follow her to Sydney where a few hot men circle closely with many a strange encounter; a devastating secret, two marriage proposals, a lost wedding dress, clandestine toe licking, a gash to the head, a boyfriend’s creepy father and some very awkward first dates.

Finally, she has all she ever wanted. But things are not as they appear. You’ll glimpse inside a tortured soul as she begins to look inside of others, in an attempt to understand herself. Anita spontaneously approaches strangers on the street and asks to photograph and interview them, a gorgeous tattooed woman on rollerblades, a pierced man in a wheel chair, and an artist with an unlikely connection.

This book is the prelude to an astonishing and larger story…