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Plastic Girl

Anita Horan, or Anita from Australia, as she refers to herself, is a complex powerhouse. Anita is known for her relentless one-woman war on plastic in the supermarket aisle, but how did she become an ‘accidental activist?’ This book offers a tantalising glimpse into her childhood spent in a fundamentalist religion, and the mental safety that strong faith provided for her. That was until she lost her beliefs and her identity crumbled. Anita tries to pick up the pieces of her life while stumbling into awareness about our collective addiction to plastic. There’s plenty of drama, with saboteurs trying to destroy her work, attacks from social media trolls and angry vegans challenging her integrity. All the while she tries to be a leader while secretly fearing human interaction. Her journey climaxes after three years of tireless work. Anita, a self-confessed nobody, makes her first appearance on Australian television. Anita wins a sweet victory, both with her war on plastic in the supermarkets and with her own self-acceptance. Is this the end or the beginning of a new chapter?

Is This Me?

Anita opens the door and flees, screaming as she runs toward the river, a man chasing in hot pursuit. This opening scene is a surprise considering Anita is the quintessential ‘good girl’ who was raised as a fundamentalist Christian.

Her story is one of searching — for love, for friendship, for approval and for understanding. She moves to a remote community in Tasmania to become a missionary where the isolation is immense, weather freezing, the guns surprising and the priest… farting.

You’ll follow her to Sydney where a few hot men circle closely with many a strange encounter; a devastating secret, two marriage proposals, a lost wedding dress, clandestine toe licking, a gash to the head, a boyfriend’s creepy father and some very awkward first dates.

Finally, she has all she ever wanted. But things are not as they appear. You’ll glimpse inside a tortured soul as she begins to look inside of others, in an attempt to understand herself. Anita spontaneously approaches strangers on the street and asks to photograph and interview them, a gorgeous tattooed woman on rollerblades, a pierced man in a wheel chair, and an artist with an unlikely connection.

This book is the prelude to an astonishing and larger story…