My Zero Waste Trip to the Butcher

It’s been very difficult for me to buy meat without plastic. I tried taking my own container to a few butchers, but they still used gloves or plastic bags to handle the meat, so I was pleased to discover Sutcliffe Meats use tongs to place the meat in my reusable container. Following is a short video of my zero waste trip to the butcher.

If you know of any other businesses that offer this service, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. So great to find butchers that are embracing the need to reduce plastic.
    Let’s hope you are leaders in your field

  2. Elvy’s butcher on Allen street in Leichhardt have also confirmed they are happy for you to bring your own container. Hooray the movement is growing.

  3. Love the ideas you have shared for folks when visiting the grocery store. It takes a lot of guts but it’s worth all the glory! Thank you for dedication and passion!

  4. I was truly inspired by your post re butchers, takes a bit of prep but the rewards of taking meat home without plastic is priceless 🙌

  5. Wonderful! Why do Coles & Woolies think BYO containers automatically means contamination? This is so easy. Great Job Anita I love your work.

  6. We are really lucky to have several local butchers here in Launceston that are happy to use containers plastic free. I find the small local butchers are more likely to use them, and it’s nice to support them vs the supermarkets

  7. I love this idea! While I eat meat, I am trying to reduce my intake where I can and plastic that goes with that! I try and source from quality butchers that believe with ethical treatment of the animal. That they know that the animals lived free-range, were grass fed, lived a happy life. Also selling bacon that is nitrate free.
    Being able to bring your own containers is an exciting step!

  8. Hi Carlie, I have drastically reduced my meat consumption too, and it’s good to know that BYO containers are becoming more socially acceptable and shops are starting to allow and encourage it. 🙂

    1. Yes, it is. The purpose of a zero waste life is not to generate more waste once we have decided to start that, not to discard (irony) the plastic we already have. Reusing and readapting is the key

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