Our First Podcast Was Fun – We Talk Plastic Pollution

Anita and Tim Horan

My husband, Tim and I started a podcast! Our conversation covers corporate competition, infiltrating recycling plants and how being a mosquito may prevent a plastic catastrophe. Download our episode here or listen on YouTube or SoundCloud below.

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2 Replies to “Our First Podcast Was Fun – We Talk Plastic Pollution”

  1. Once you go down the rabbit hole there is no going back. I’m so glad you found the bravery to put yourself out there and share your findings with the rest of us. You have definitely been a part of my awareness journey. We need so much more authenticity in our ever more fake, plastic and stylised instagram world. Good on you for following your passion, being authentic & making a real difference. Let’s hope we can wake up everyone else in time. Really enjoyed this podcast.

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