Should We Use Power to Dominate Others?

Anita and Tim Horan photographed for the latest episode of the 'Timbo Talks' podcast.

Tim and I disagree on a lot of subjects. Especially ones to do with human nature.

During our recent argument about whether it’s okay to assert power over others, we agreed to switch the microphone on to share our debate with a wider audience. So, here is our impromptu podcast about power plays. Who do you agree with?

Download the episode here or listen directly below on Libsyn or YouTube.

2 Replies to “Should We Use Power to Dominate Others?”

  1. So interesting. How do we stand in our strength without wielding power?
    I certainly agree with Anita here.
    Maybe some of us get triggered when other people are powerful. In fact we go. onto a freeze state.

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