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If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’ll know I’m passionate about breaking our collective addiction to plastic.To change the system (by that I mean our over the top obsession and addiction to plastic), all we need is a lot of people sending out new signals. To this end, I’ve created some documents, purely for this purpose.

There are a number to choose from: one tells the shop you didn’t buy a product because it was wrapped in plastic, another tells the shop you spent money in their store because they didn’t wrap in plastic, and there are some great small and large signs to display as reassurance to customers that they don’t need a bag. For an example, please watch my following banana experiment video:

Bananas Without Plastic

Sixty seconds to sum up why consumers are passively accepting plastic en masse. #PlasticFreeProduce

Please also listen to my new radio interview, here’s the link

Posted by Anita Horan on Friday, November 10, 2017

We must tell businesses we’ll only give them our money if they stop wrapping food in plastic. And we need to reeducate consumers, that it’s cool, to not take a plastic bag.

Following are links to change the world. You, me, a printer and phone … that’s all we need … and a little bit of assertiveness … who’s with me?

Please click on the below image to be taken to Vistaprint, where you can order your own double-sided NO BAG required cards, designed by my partner and me.

Please click on each of the following images to download your own #PlasticFreeProduce documents that you can print yourself.

Thank you

No Bag Required A4

Print your own card 8 to a page

No plastic needed

Alternatively, you can access the folder with the above documents here.

17 Replies to “Sustainability Ninja Downloads”

  1. Hi – what a great page of downloads – love it and thanks for sharing.
    I have been using these
    and managed to get a government grant to print 250 copies to distribute around our local community.
    Will be doing a survey while we go around to find out what the current offerings are.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi Julian,
      Do you know if the pdf s in your links are copyright free? I would like to use them for a stall we are going to have next month.
      Thank you,
      Diana Pryde

  2. Printed these today in South Africa. Like to know where or how I can get some kind of grant here….looking forward to sticking these everywhere. Did you compeletely take off the plastic roll for the bananas? Ha ha awesome!!!

  3. Love love love this… I had a conversation with an independent store owner the other day and mentioned that he could be a community advocate by moving away from wrapping all his veg is cling wrap… his answer that everyone would go to a bigger chain because their stuff looked fresher… I felt like saying to him that’s exactly why I go to a bigger chain because they use less plastic than his store… needless to say, it’s a small town and unfortunately the repercussions are not worth entering in to..l but I’m definitely going to be printing some of these out and planting them anonymously 👍

    1. Thanks Sam, I think a good thing to say is ‘The Zero Waste Movement is exploding. There is a social shift away from plastic and soon you may sell more produce if you don’t wrap it’. I hope you have fun with the downloads.

  4. These are awesome. I am an Aussie living in Colombia and so much produce here is wrapped in plastic. I am going to the States for a month and will totally use these. Thanks!

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