Two Authors Talk: Anita Horan with LAL Kelly

LAL Kelly and Anita Horan with their memoirs

I am thrilled to welcome you to my new show, Two Authors Talk.

My goal is to support indie authors whose books I have enjoyed, and who have also enjoyed my books. My favorite genre is memoir, perhaps because I am a memoir writer also.

In each episode, I will interview the guest author about their book, and they will interview me about mine.

My first guest of honour is LAL Kelly from the UK, author of Surviving Bleak House. LAL’s memoir is about her escaping domestic abuse and living in a safe house with her children. The book is mostly set inside the safe house and the stream of interesting, and sometimes frightening characters that come and go. LAL wrote her painful story in the hopes of inspiring other women who feel trapped in an abusive relationship.

Watch our discussion below.

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4 Replies to “Two Authors Talk: Anita Horan with LAL Kelly”

  1. I enjoyed your broadcast very much. I am now deep into reading Surviving Bleak House and wondering how much the oddness of its residents can be explained by being uprooted from life, even a bad one, and being trapped into this peril-filled existence. The books of both authors are filled with points in time when introspection and ingenuity helped overcome fear and victim hood. There is a lot to be learned from these memoirs and I will be recommending them to others.

    1. Thank you so much for your post, I really appreciate you taking time to read my book. It’s not easy to write so I personally, but I’ve had a lot of great feedback, which makes me really glad that I did it.

  2. I was really honoured to be asked to speak with Anita about our memoirs, we are two totally different women from opposite sides of the world, yet we found a connection through our writing. I enjoyed Anita’s story and felt emotions that were conveyed through the writing. I really rooted for the author and I am thankful that she has shared her story.
    I am also happy to have this platform to share my story, and I have a belief that it will always be read by people who need to read it.
    Good luck for your next show, I’ll be watching 😊

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