Two Authors Talk: Anita Horan with Samuel Moore-Sobel

Memoir authors Samuel Moore-Sobel and Anita Horan

“So Interesting!” is what I would like to title this episode of Two Authors talk.

I had the privilege of talking with Samuel Moore-Sobel from North Virginia, author of Can You See My Scars? Samuel and I connected on so many levels and deep dove into the fascinating topics of masculine stereotypes, sulfuric acid burns, torturous surgeries, how trauma can challenge faith and how this painful journey saw us end up in different places.

Samuel’s faith was ultimately strengthened, while mine disintegrated and I formed an unconventional view of forgiveness. We talk about insecurity, loss of the self, therapy appointments, isolation, female bullying and what it feels like to stand up to your nemesis. We share how incredibly hard we both had to work to find a place of peace, and then the challenges of penning our memoirs.

This may be the most authentic and interesting interview posted on the internet this week. I would love to know if you enjoy listening to it, as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Watch our discussion below

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12 Replies to “Two Authors Talk: Anita Horan with Samuel Moore-Sobel”

  1. I love this. What a great format, 2 Authors sharing their stories and what incredible stories they are, thank you so much for your rawness and honesty 👏

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing your books and the traumatic lives you’ve survived. Anita, your journey had so many twists and turns with religion, adult women bully issues and other nightmares. You are an inspiration to many and I hope readers find peace in knowing that with professional therapy and determination they can also be successful in overcoming major struggles to find happiness.

  3. This is absolutely fabulous, thanks so much for sharing. I love the concept and style of the interview process. What great reflection.

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